Breaking News
  • Leaders of the «Citizenship» Review 2016 Work Methodologies
  • Al Shamsi Receives the Federal Republic of Somalia Consul General
  • “Sharjah Residency” Organizes Blood Donation Campaign
  • Developing Project Program of Tourism, Medical Treatment and Study Visas

Our Strategy

Our Vision

Service security establishment pursues to become the most distinguished one among others locally and internationally due to its enriched and supporting elements with science and knowledge. It keeps maintaining and adhering to high morals, values and principals.


Our Mission

Our mission is to do our best in maintaining security and stability of the citizen through paying attention to Naturalization and Residence Affairs of locals and foreigners alike. This shall be through using the most modern techniques of high quality accompanied by values of justice, equality, neutrality, respect, and the best way for dealing with all categories.


Our Values:
  • Maintaining human rights.
  • Truthfulness and honesty.
  • Transparency and Integrity.
  • Passion to profession
  • Maintaining the team work.
  • Recognition and awarding individuals
  • Professionalism and quality
  • Justice, fair and equality
Our Purpose

Our purpose is to interpret our vision and targets into tangible fact we can notice and touch every where in our Administration.


Our Way
Our way is to study all offered services to customers and visitors, improving it through display and analyze work outcomes emanating from our persistence to achieve the optimum and best value of our works.