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Star Rating Initiative for Customer Service Centers

Star Rating Initiative for Customer Service Centers (from two to seven stars)
In May of 2011, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, launched a new rating system for customer service centers. Intended to bring about a quantum leap in the efficiency of government services as per global standards, the system rates public service centers with a number of stars (from two to 7) by placing a special plate at the entrance of each federal customer service center stating the level of services delivered based on their implementation of the program standards that aims to have all federal entities reach a seven stars service delivery level in the next five years.
“Promoting knowledge sharing and best practices between federal and local government” 
The customer service centers are also provided with recommendations to improve the level of their service delivery based on the evaluation outcomes depends on the following eight standards:
1. Strategic Alignment: level of awareness and dedication to service quality improvement by the federal entity and its ability and readiness to accept and implement change.
2. Customer centricity: How well Federal Entities understand their Customers and how they use customer data and insights to better deliver services
3. Services: How well service offerings and standards are defined, grouped and marketed to create value for customers.
4. Service delivery Channels: How effectively and efficiently Federal Entities communicate with and reach their customers through their preferred channels.
5. Customer Experience: How consistent the customer experience is during all phases of service delivery throughout the different delivery channels.
6. Service Efficiency & Innovation: How Federal Entities design, manage, and improve business processes (including performance and innovation management), and Service Level Agreements.
7. People: How Service Culture and Human Resources allow Federal Entities to create, and offer services, reach and serve customers in the best way possible.
8. Technology: How Federal Entities’ technologies and systems support an integrated customer centric service delivery.