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MoI: Inspection Campaigns to be Intensified After the Amnesty Time Limit to Arrest Violators of Law of Entry and Residence

16 Jan 2013
AlKhaleej Newspaper

The Ministry of Interior announced that relevant police authorities will intensify inspection campaigns daily, particularly after the deadline, to arrest violators of Law of Entry and Residence at the state level. The Ministry emphasized that these violators pose a threat to the safety of community; and may partake in criminal activities as they try to provide the costs of their stay; should they fail to find a job.


This was announced by Major General Nasser bin Al Awadi Al Menhali, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Naturalization Residency and Ports Affairs, at the end of his inspection tour on Tuesday; to the centers designated to process violators of Law of Entry and Residence in Al Sharjah and Dubai.


Al Menhali stated: “The State is keen to put an end to violators of Law of Entry and Residence, using different mechanisms and methods, as stipulated by the legislations and laws governing the entry and residence of foreigners; as well as imposing fines and penalties on individuals and institutions that do not comply with these legislations”. In addition to that, he stressed that the State implements awareness campaigns throughout the year; which are carried out by the Directorates General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the various Emirates.


He emphasized that those who fail to avail of the deadline, granted by the UAE government, will face the full force of the law. Moreover, fines will be imposed on violators who fail to come forward to the designated centers within the grace period, or those who employ them after February 4th.


Last Update:: 1/20/2013