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Grace Period of Violators of Residency Law Ends Monday

30 Jan 2013

Nest Monday 4 th February, will end the grace period set by the Ministry of Interior for violators of law of entry and residence of foreigners, Interior called by this amnesty, all offenders, to review the centers that have been allocated at the state level, to obtain exit permits with total exemption from all fees and fines consequences.

The ministry confirmed that it will intensify campaigns inspection to catch offenders, after the deadline in the fourth of February, and will apply the law firmly on those who have not benefited from the time limit, which came at the initiative of the UAE government, and will impose fines on those who did not go to the centers within the time limit, or those who
hire offenders.

The ministry called offenders to take advantage of the remaining period of the deadline period given to them, pointing out that there are clear instructions on dealing with offenders applicants to take advantage of the time limit humanely, and to facilitate their procedures to leave the country smoothly and easy.

The Interior Ministry urged all members of society, of citizens and residents, not to hesitate in reporting violators of the law of entry and residence of foreigners and to communicate with service "Sahim", which allow the public to contact the toll free number 80080 in case they have any information about offenders of law of entry and residence of foreigners, 24-hours a day.

The Ministry of Interior had prepared 10 centers, fully equipped, to receive offenders of law of Residence and entry of foreigners at the state level, within the time limit, as General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs defined two periods to receive offenders in all public administrations of Residence and Ports on the state level, in order to avoid congestion in these centers.
Last Update:: 1/30/2013