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Sharjah Police Seized 24 Offenders of Residency Law

03 Mar 2013
AlKhaleej Newspaper

Criminal Investigation Management, in the General Command of Sharjah Police, managed to seized 24 people from African nationality including 17 women and 7 men, after it was discovered that they are offenders of residency conditions, and reside in the country illegally, this was done within the framework of its campaign to arrest offenders and disclose their whereabouts and their hiding, after the end of the deadline set by the Ministry of Interior for offenders to leave the state.

Police sources said that this campaign comes in the framework of the efforts to reduce crimes and breaches of the security, and the elimination of the manifestations of lawlessness that have come from some violators and infiltrators in the state, the arrest of offenders came after receiving information in Criminal Investigation Department, information stating the existence of a group of people of different African nationalities, violators of the law of enter and stay in one of the buildings in Sharjah, and staying with people suspected in bank clients theft cases, and wanted by the General Command of Dubai Police, and with concerted efforts between CID General Command of Sharjah Police, and the General Command of Dubai Police, was to take all the legal procedures, and arrested them while they exist in the said location, and when checking on them0, investigations found they reside in the state illegally, and exercising several illegal occupations and against the law, and accordingly, they were arrested and referred to the competent authorities to initiate investigations and take necessary action against them.

Sharjah Police called on members of the community to cooperate with the security agencies by reporting of any of the offenders people who stayed in the country and continue to practice their activities and behavior against the security after the deadline given to them to leave the country.

Last Update:: 3/3/2013