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"Innovation Council" in Nationality and Residence Sector in the Ministry of Interior

13 May 2013
Al Khaleej
Maj. Gen. staff officer Khalifa Hareb Al Kheyaili, Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalization and Residency and Ports, announced the launch of the Innovation Council in nationality, residence and ports sector, to encourage creativity and to achieve the sixth goal of for the sector, in a compatible manner with the strategic objective of the seventh part of the Ministry of the Interior plan.

The Council aims to develop the infrastructure of the creativity in the "Nationality and Residency and Ports", by publishing and promoting the culture of creativity, and search for innovators, stimulating and encouraging employees to creativity and innovation, and to study the creative ideas and securing intellectual property of it, and care for creative and talented individuals, to promote the development of the sector services, based on the study of ideas and relevant proposals of the staff, partners, customers and suppliers, and community groups in order to achieve the highest satisfaction rates.

It also aims to attract talented and creative people from outside the sector, and to cooperate with the association concerned with the welfare of talented and creative people inside and outside the country, to embodiment the strategy of the sector, by achieving excellence and raise the level of services provided to the public, and to achieve creativity methodology, brainstorming and suggestions.

Brigadier Mubarak Rebee bin Sinan, Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Fujairah, Chairman of creativity council, said: The formation of the Council is a translation of the vision of the sector by increasing attention to creativity, by considering it as an extremely important element in process of providing excellent services to customers, especially after the success of the sector in reach of the "Management Innovation File" within the "Final Qualifiers" of the Award of the Minister of Interior of excellence, according to his expression.
Last Update:: 5/13/2013