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A Growing Demand for Domestic Labor

25 Jun 2013
Al Khaleej
Major Ali Zamzam, during the workshop, provided a detailed explanation of the title of the workshop, and pointed out that "domestic workers" have seen a growing demand in the UAE, especially the category of women who live with the family, and interact with the children, this category includes the characteristics that negatively affect the whole social upbringing.

He added that there is a negative impact, represented in both the impact of foreign customs and values on Emirati habits, and the children affected by linguistic, cognitive changes, and the social and psychological effects, and unwanted behaviors, and cultural and religious differences.

He said: While recognizing the reasons of and the reasons for the use of domestic labor for families due to the large household chores, and the work of the wife, and the presence of older persons, and the large size of the dwelling, and the high standard of living, the increasingly that has occurred on their numbers calls to identify the magnitude of the phenomenon and its evolution and characteristics of workers in homes, and to recognize their situation and their working conditions and living, and stand on the problems experienced by this category or the problems faced by families.

Major Ali Zamzam called for the development of solutions to streamline the functions of domestic labor, protection of the family, in order to preserve its key role in socialization.
Last Update:: 6/25/2013