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Graduation of "Skills Development" in Sharjah Residency

21 Apr 2014
Al Khaleej
Brigadier Dr. Abdullah Ali Bin Sahoo, Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah stressed the importance of arming officers with science and knowledge, to develop their managerial and supervisory skills, to suit the path of excellence, approach adopted by the Ministry of Interior, which is based on the extraordinary efforts that the duty of all leaders in the ministry, exert to achieve what have been achieved, which considered one of the most important supporting infrastructure to build future leaders with knowledge and familiarity with the skills to ensure perfecting policies daily work and excellence in customer service, Brig Bin Sahoo explained that the Ministry of Interior attaches great importance to the construction of the leaders of a second row, able to complete the march of excellence, as it’s a key factor for the improvement and institutional development.

This came within a lecture delivered by him during graduation of the session: “Development of Managerial and Supervisory Skills” that have been implemented at Radisson Blu - Hotel at Sharjah, in collaboration with the Emirates Institute of nationality and residence, Twenty officers benefited from the session from within the public administration and outside, where the course aimed to familiarize the participants with managerial skills and leadership in decision-making, management meetings and evaluate the performance of employees, and the management of change and refine their talents and develop their abilities to perform their administrative jobs, supervisory, especially in light of the race overheating between the various institutions of the country, to achieve its vision by its golden jubilee in 2021 to be one of the best countries in the world.
Last Update:: 4/21/2014