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News Hour: Global Excellence for Ministry of Interior Made the Country an Oasis of Safety

13 Apr 2014
Al Bayan
«News Hour» Bulletin confirmed that the Ministry of Interior, led by Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, embodies the ambition of the United Arab Emirates, under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, to always be in the first place, not only at the Arab level or regional level, but also at the global level, and clearly this is confirmed by the Ministry of Interior obtaining ISO in its all departments.

Thus, the ministry became the first in the whole world that achieve this accomplishment, stressing that the stability witnessed in the United Arab Emirates, represent one of the most important sources of strength and excellence, created by factors and elements of many, Ministry of Interior lies in the heart of these ingredients and factors, which play a major role and distinct in making the UAE an oasis of security and safety for citizens, residents, tourists, businessmen and investors, and for every visitor and resident on the land of our beloved country.

The bulletin issued by «The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research» said:  This unprecedented global achievement for UAE Ministry of Interior, involves important implications, first it was accomplished in a record time - as said by Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan - this reflects the efficiency of the work in all departments of the ministry on one hand, and the firm will to succeed and excel on the other hand.

Secondly, it has been made by Emirati hands accepted the challenge and succeeded in it, confirms that the human element of the UAE capable of making miracles, if there is a suitable environment for excellence and innovation, and that our leadership puts its basic bet on it, through the aspiration towards the future to achieve the goal of UAE Vision 2021 that the United Arab Emirates to become one of the best countries in the world in the fiftieth anniversary of its union, and the third overall vision is the modern security concept adopted by the Ministry of the Interior, and its eagerness to involve the public in achieving this security and its constant and continuous interaction with people to get to know their thoughts and visions and their reactions about the services provided to them. 

And therefore formulate plans, strategies and programs of action inspired by the public and the inspiration for its pulse, then the fourth is that the achievements - achieved and achieving - by Ministry of Interior in spite of its plentiful and uniqueness does not convince the ministry to be satisfaction and complacency, but push it to exert more work and effort to maintain what has been achieved, and adding  to it the framework of the concept of adopted evolution, based on continuing march forward, and any interruption or conviction of what has been achieved, does not mean stability in current place, it means "walking backwards".

Under the title «Global Excellence for UAE Ministry of Interior» the bulletin added that planning based on a clear vision is the way to achieve the accomplishments and reach the goals, and this is what goes, and going by the Ministry of the Interior in the United Arab Emirates, where it knows what it want today and tomorrow, and how it can be achieved and accessed, the ministry adopts initiative as an approach to its work, not to rely on the reaction.
Last Update:: 4/13/2014