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Naturalization and Residency Installs Compressed Natural Gas in Cars

09 Sep 2014
Al Khaleej
The Directorate General of Resources and Support Services at the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs started installing the environmentally friendly (CNG) system for the vehicles used by the directorate. This initiative falls under the directorate’s efforts to preserve the environment and keep pace with the comprehensive development plan of the UAE in the economic and social fields. This measure is also aimed at anticipating and reducing the increase in transport-related gas emissions caused by the growing number of vehicles.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Ali Bin Wadeema Al Ameri, Acting Director General of Resources and Support Services, revealed that the conversion of cars to operate on natural gas results from the Directorate General of Resources and Support Services’ belief in its role to improve the environment by setting a good example through the use of alternative and environmentally friendly energy.
Last Update:: 9/9/2014