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MoI Grants Emirati Citizenship to 106 Children of Emirati Mothers

25 Aug 2014
Al Khaleej
As many as 106 eligible candidates born to Emirati mothers were awarded their UAE citizenship on Monday by the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs General Directorate at the Ministry of Interior. The move is in line with the Federal Decree issued by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, to grant sons and daughters of Emirati mothers the citizenship.

Major General Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Vice Chairman of the Council for the Development of the Naturalization, Residence and Ports Sector, congratulated the recipients included in His Highness’ resolution. He urged them to be good citizenship role models, to maintain the UAE reputation and dignity, and to reflect the country’s inherent culture and civilization. Moreover, he encouraged them to respect the Constitution, comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and take into account the prevailing customs, and authentic Arab traditions and tolerance, which characterize the Emirati society.

Secretary General Al Nuaimi reiterated the unwavering commitment of the wise leadership to provide all means of security and prosperity to community members, so as to ensure further development and construction, and allow the UAE to remain a regional and international role model of progress and prosperity.

For his part, Brigadier General Dr. Rashid Sultan Al Khodr, Vice Chairman of the Legal Council at the Ministry of Interior and spokesperson of the Naturalization, Residence and Ports Affairs praised the leadership’s support and commitment to ensure that all citizens enjoy a life of dignity in accordance with the Constitution and law. He also pointed out that more citizenship applications for are being reviewed, and more children of Emirati women will be awarded the UAE citizenship upon completion of the necessary procedures.

Brigadier General Al Khodr also noted that His Highness, Leader of the Nation, takes to heart the concerns of citizens and strives diligently to help them overcome all obstacles that face them. He also underscored the keenness of the country's leadership to achieve the highest levels of family stability, which would reflect positively on society in general.

Colonel Suhail Juma bin Kaltham Al Khaili, Acting Director General of Naturalization, handed over the family books to 106 female and male citizens, in response to the directives issued by His Highness, President of the UAE, in this regard. In his address on the occasion, he indicated that the family books and the UAE citizenship are a symbol of allegiance and belonging to the nation and the leadership. “Receiving these documents today is an occasion to renew the pledge between children (i.e citizens of the UAE) and the head of the Emirati family as a whole,” added Colonel Al Khaili.

The ceremony was attended by Colonel Khalifa Suhail Al Mazroui, Deputy Head of the Naturalization Department, in addition to parents of the UAE citizenship recipients and officers.


Upon receiving their family books, recipients of the UAE citizenship expressed their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to his Highness, President of the UAE. They emphasized that words are not enough to express their overwhelming joy on the occasion, which marks an important turning point in both their professional and social lives.

Salem Obeid Al Kaabi, Bachelor of law from Ajman University, said that the initiatives implemented by His Highness, President of the UAE, are intended to benefit both male and female Emirati citizens. “His Highness spares no effort to develop the country’s international standing and provide a quality living for its citizens. The impressive achievements made by the Government and His Highness’s understanding of the importance of the family structure are key elements to maintain the stability of society. This decision to grant the citizenship to sons and daughters of Emirati mothers married to non-Emirati men underlines the attention dedicated by His Highness to all society segments. It also grants women one of their most important rights, to pass on the UAE citizenship to their eligible children, and would reflect positively on the country’s progress and development,” added Al Kaabi.

In the same context, Abdulla Khalfan Al Kaabi, employee at the Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD), extended his wholehearted thanks to H.H President of the UAE for this initiative, which will make his life easier. Al Kaabi stressed that he has been endeavoring to serve and protect the country in the best way possible, long before being awarded the citizenship, because he is one of the country’s sons. “Obtaining the UAE citizenship will motivate us to further serve the UAE to the best of our ability,” Al Kaabi continued, emphasizing that his joy is incomparable.

Badr Mohammed Al Hassani, a government official, praised the mind-blowing decision. He pledged to safeguard and maintain the UAE citizenship, which he regards as a medal on his chest. He also pledged allegiance to the country’s leadership, which endeavors to provide a well-rounded lifestyle to both citizens and residents.” In conclusion, he noted that he highly cherishes this resolution, which achieves his aspirations and hope for a better future.

Bilal Abdul Rahman Al Salem, father of a female citizen who received the UAE citizenship, said that this accolade is among the UAE leadership’s top priorities, under the wise guidance of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to achieve social stability for all children of the UAE. Adding further, he pointed out that His Highness, President of the UAE, dedicates significant attention to the citizens' concerns and endeavors to help them overcome the obstacles they face, in order to provide a decent life and equal opportunities for all.

An Exceptional Event

According to Hanan Sulaiman Al Nuaimi, this extraordinary happy event will totally change the course of her life. She noted that belonging to the UAE is an unparalleled honor, and that no words can express the happiness she and her brother’s feel. Concluding, she prayed Allah Almighty to bless His Highness, President of the UAE, with health, and to rest in peace the soul of late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the UAE and the builder of its culture.

For her part, Fatima Al Shehhi extended the most sincere thanks to His Highness the President, for this gesture, which reflects generosity and culture. She promised to spare no effort to further contribute to the progress and development of this great giving country, because countries prosper through the efforts of their citizens. She also hoped to be worthy of this generous gesture, which gave her an indescribable sense of belonging to this country.

In the same context, Khouloud Hamad Al Khasibi expressed her overwhelming happiness, and extended her thanks to the wise leadership, represented by His Highness, President of the UAE and his brothers, their Highnesses, Supreme Council members and Rulers of the Emirates.. She said, “I am extremely proud to receive this official document that proves that I belong to this civilized country. I pray Allah Almighty to help me be a role model of good citizenship, so I can return the gratitude.”

Giving Back is Our Duty

Sisters Fatima and Moza Sultan Al Kaabi expressed their happiness on the occasion, which delighted their family. They also thanked His Highness the President, who is increasingly proving to be a worthy successor to the best predecessor, for his role in promoting security, stability and happiness amongst the citizens of the UAE.

Sisters Maryam and Fatima Al Shehhi hailed this day, which marks a milestone in their life. They expressed their sincere thanks to His Highness, President of the UAE, and to H.H the Minister of Interior for this generous gesture, stressing their keenness to return the gratitude to the best of their ability, and to ensure that the UAE maintains a prominent stature among world countries.

Wadha Sulaiman Al Nuaimi extended her deepest gratitude to His Highness the President and his brothers the Sheikhs, members of the Higher Council, Rulers of the Emirates. She lauded this happy occasion, which filled her heart with peace of mind, confidence and happiness to belong to the UAE. In conclusion, she prayed Allah to rest the soul of the late founding father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in peace.

For her part, Rowaya Khalfan Al Kaabi said that she was both surprised and impressed by this long-awaited gesture. “This is a dream come true; I am extremely happy. Belonging to this country is an honor sought by all those who lived on this land,” she continued. In conclusion, she thanked His Highness the President for this generous deed.

A Great Delight

Sisters Onoud, Ohoud, Mayasa and Aisha Al Shehhi expressed their great happiness for this moment, coupled with indescribable feelings. They said that their mother was overwhelmed with joy upon receiving the news, which brought happiness and relief to the heart of the entire family. They also extended their sincere thanks and gratitude to His Highness, President of the UAE, pledging to work hard to ensure the progress and prosperity of the country.

In conclusion, and on behalf of mothers of recipients of the UAE citizenship, Huda Aziz hailed the decision to grant the UAE citizenship to grant sons and daughters of Emirati mothers. She praised the wise decision, which will have a great impact on their social and professional lives. She expressed her deepest gratitude to His Highness, President of the UAE and his brothers, their Highnesses, Supreme Council members and Rulers of the Emirates.
Last Update:: 8/25/2014