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MoI Launches a Visa Service via Smart Phones Applications

10 Nov 2014
Al Ittihad
The Ministry of Interior launched a long term, short term and domestic workers visas service via the smart phones application (UAE MoI). The new service enables UAE citizens and residents to obtain visas easily without the need of visiting the centers to apply for them, unless the cases require visiting the concerned centers.

Major General Al Khaili mentioned that work is currently undergoing to redesign the procedures in a way that enables e-sending of the visa to all UAE exits and to e-mail addresses. “The aim of this step is to completely eliminate the need for paper work by the beginning of next year,” He added.

Acting Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior for Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs affirmed the efforts being made to develop all services in the sector and provide them to UAE citizens and residents at all times and wherever they are. He said that in cooperation with all partners, most of the e-links will be reduced and the services will be provided through several e-channels, especially the smart phones applications (UAE MoI).
Last Update:: 11/10/2014