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“Human Rights Team” in Sharjah Residency, Discuss Human Trafficking

16 Mar 2015

Khaleej Newspaper

Human rights team at nationality, residence and ports sector, held its second meeting for the current year, headed by Brigadier Dr Abdullah Ali bin Sahoo, Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, in the administration headquarters.

During the meeting the team reviewed the results of questionnaires that measure human rights culture in the sector, the head of the team noted on the need to benefit from the results in raising human rights culture among employees of the sector to serve the orientations of the Ministry of Interior in the support and care of the state file for Human Rights, also discussed the issue of human trafficking that have been seized recently in Sharjah Residency and its circumstances and come up with some recommendations that will address such crimes.


Bin Sahoo urged the team to the importance of working to consolidate the concept of human rights, through specialized training programs, designed to enhance the culture of the employees of citizenship, residency and ports sector in the field of human rights care, in addition to preparing brochures to educate customers of the sector of those rights.

Last Update:: 3/16/2015