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MoI Discusses its Strategic Initiatives to Increase Awareness of

01 Apr 2015

Emirates News Agency


The Ministry of Interior’s Human Rights Committee has discussed the waysin which the strategic objectives and action plans for the year 2015 will increase awareness of the human rights culture. The strategies are to enhance the efforts of the sub-teams, the Police General Headquarters and General Directorates at the Ministry in the field of human rights. The committee has held its seventh meeting at the Al Ittihad Hall at the Ministry of Interior. The meeting, headed by Brigadier Ahmed Mohammed Nehkairah, Head of Human Rights Department in the Ministry of Interior, discussed ways to enhance and activate the efforts of the Ministry’s general headquarters in areas regarding human rights. For his part, Brigadier Dr. Abdullah Ali bin Sahoo, Director-General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, submitted a presentation entitled, "Towards a Professional Behaviour that Enhances Human Rights and Preserves Human Dignity". He also addressed a proposal on behavioural guidance in order to enhance the efforts amongst Naturalisation and Residency staff and reviewed the results of the survey highlighting the level of human rights culture amongst employees at the Residence and Foreigners Affairs offices. The meeting was attended by Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Murr, Director of the Dubai Police Human Rights Department, Colonel Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Bu Hindi, Director of the Juveniles Care Center; Brigadier Khamis Obaid Al Ka’bi and members of the Ministry of Interior’s Human Rights Committee. Brigadier bin Nehkairah confirmed that concern for human rights is considered one of the most important features that distinguishes the United Arab Emirates, highlighting the efforts of the MoI in following-up the international, regional, and national initiatives. He noted that such measures have been taken in order to transform the values of human rights into a reality within the Ministry. "The Ministry of Interior has been interested in protecting the freedoms, the rights, and the dignity of every member of society through the country’s constitution, laws, and legislation, that have been derived from our values and our righteous religion," he added. He also pointed out the keenness of police headquarters and departments to implement the procedures that guarantee human rights. Furthermore, he indicated that cooperation within society is essential. "We should bring new ideas to support the culture of human rights and implement the committee’s mission to come up with results that satisfy all concerned entities and enhance mutual cooperation and collaboration. By doing so, we will be able to reciprocate the generosity to our benevolent homeland and guarantee its safety and stability," he said. He also praised the efforts of the committee members in enhancing the human rights culture at the level of all police sectors and general headquarters across the UAE.


Last Update:: 4/6/2015