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Halima Mohammed .. The Art of Dealing With Customers

26 Apr 2015
Spares no effort to provide assistance and advice to those demanding, believe in exchange of experience and knowledge to develop the administrative and security system, as well as distinguish communicative skills .. she is an employee at the front end of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, Halima Mohammed.
Halima was born in 1984, and after receiving a high school certificate, she affiliated to the Passport Department at Sharjah International Airport since 2006, as passports official, her mission is to greet travelers and assist them and perform the audit, as well as the sealing of entry and exit stamps.
Three years later she moved to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, in the "front-end employee" plan, based on her performance of the duties entrusted to her expertise and capacity to deliver, and problem solving.
Muhammad participated in several training programs and training courses, most notably centered on the completion of the transaction and the renewal of residence and communication skills, translates her passion for the development of performance and increase efficiency.
Halima appreciates value of modern technologies in upgrading of services directed to citizens and residents, gained experience in dealing with all groups and social strata, thanks to her position as the "data input"..
Halima earned many certificates of appreciation and marked the culmination of the tireless efforts of professional, and most recently won this year by the Director General of «residency», little incentive to redouble tender achieve the objectives of «Residency of Sharjah».
Last Update:: 4/26/2015