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Jassim Almazlom .. Issuance of Entry Permits

03 May 2015

AlRoya Newspaper


Contributes to the development of services provided to citizens and residents, and meet the needs of auditors, based on the accumulated experience and ambition renewed .. he is head of entry permissions section in General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, Major Jassim Salem Almazlom.

Born in 1978 and received the Bachelor of Law and a diploma of police science from Abu Dhabi Police College in 2001, targeting the completion of his academic career by achieving the Master degree of Public Law soon.

He began his security journey as investigation officer in Tarif Police Branch, and moved to Abu Dhabi Police General Command in the rank of lieutenant, before joining «Sharjah Residency».

Almazlom spent the first four years in management as officer in the department of entry permissions and residence, associate subsequently to the Department of receipt and issue, then became head of «Permits» in 2011.

Honored by quality program (ISO), and won the award in Sharjah security zone last year, as well as certificates of appreciation received by the Director-General of residency, what translates excellence and superiority professionally.

Almazlom tasks is to oversee the issuance of entry permits operations, as he meets with the staff periodically to take action to improve organizational performance.
And accurately tracks rid late and urgent transactions, along with providing  administrative services to the elderly people in their homes.

Almazlom believes in the value of new technologies and exchange of experiences and knowledge to the upgrading work system, and achieve the desired results.

Last Update:: 5/3/2015